Getting started on Pengo Insight

What is Pengo Insight?

Pengo Insight is a knowledge sharing platform that helps you find, schedule and pay for expert advice online and on demand to help you get real, local insight and help in growing your knowledge on doing business in African markets. We've curated a network of advisors across a wide variety of industries and disciplines to help you.

How does Pengo Insight work?

1. Sign up.

Signing up is easy. And it's completely free. Whether you're looking for advice as a client or offering advice as an expert, you'll need to create and account. So your first step will be to figure out if you want to apply to be an advisor and get paid for your advice or sign up as a client to get advice from experts.

2. Search for advisors and schedule a call.

Clients can easily find advisors to help with their business and insight requirements by using our search. To schedule a call with an advisor, the client provides a topic for discussion and approximate length of the call as well as 3 dates and times that work best for them.

Advisors will either confirm one of the requested times or send over new times that work better for them. This back and forth scheduling happens until a mutually agreed upon time is requested.

3. Confirm.

Once the advisor accepts a requested date and time, a confirmation is sent to both parties via email with video conference details they'll use to call in to. The client will then be asked to pay for the call online using their credit card details.

4. Connect and talk.

At the confirmed date and time, both client and advisor will connect to the conference line via the link provided(so the call isn't with your personal phone number). When the call is over, the client will be billed for the exact time scheduled on the call and a billing summary will be generated. Clients can leave a rating and review for the advisor. The payment will then be sent to the advisor.


How do I make a call request?

Here's a few simple steps to making a call request on Pengo Insight:

1. Sign up.

To be able to call an advisor on Pengo, you'll need to sign up as a client. It's completely free.

As soon as you've signed up and done completing your profile, you can start searching our network of advisors to make your first call request with.

2. Search for an advisor.

Search our directory of advisors using keywords just like in a Google search. You can search for individual advisors as well as pre-loaded topics and categories.

3. Schedule a Call.

After you've found your advisor, you can make a call request by clicking "Schedule a Call" on their Profile page. You'll then be taken to the Call Details page where you'll fill in the required fields:

  • Topics to be discussed: Be specific about the reason for your call, topics to be discussed and the help or insight you require.
  • Length of Call: Determine how much time you require with the advisor. Calls on Pengo start from 15 minutes and can be scheduled in 15 minute increments. The client will be charged the advisor's per-minute fee based on the length of time requested.
  • Phone Number: This is completely private and is only needed to send you an SMS notification before the call happens.

After filling in the required fields, you'll be brought to the Availability form. Enter 3 dates and times to talk to the advisor that works with your schedule.

We advise requesting the call well in advance to allow ample time for the advisor to respond. Keep in mind that advisors are busy professionals and may need some time to fit you into their schedule.

Continue on to the confirmation page and review all of your information before sending the call request to the advisor.

After you send the call request, you'll hear back from the advisor.

What if I can’t find an advisor?

Our network is growing rapidly. In the unlikely event that you are not able to find the kind of advisor you are looking for. Please get in touch with us at so we can search outside of our network for the expertise you require. We do this at no cost to you as a Pengo Insight client.

How do I prepare for my call?

When you're paying for an advisor's time, it's important to be prepared to make the most out of the call. Here are a few suggestions to help you ensure you have meaningful conversations with advisors:

Set the Agenda.

The first thing you should do is to be clear on the issues and topics you are seeking help, advise and insight into. Ask yourself, What problem(s) do you want to solve?

Send the advisor key discussion points before booking the call.

As you schedule a call, include a reason for the call at the top of the booking form. Prepare for the call leading up the scheduled time, jot down discussion points and structure the conversation to ensure you get to get through all your topics during the call.

Start with a brief introduction which includes a reminder of the topic(s) to be discussed.

Keep the introduction short, don’t be shy to start with some small talk to break the ice and get comfortable. It is useful to give the advisor a couple of minutes to give you some insight into their expertise, especially if it is the first time you’re speaking with a particular advisor. Move on quickly and start the discussion as you’ve prepared with your list of topics and questions.

Prioritize your questions.

Ask the more important questions first and make sure they're fully addressed before moving on to the lesser important ones. Make sure you clarify any questions and responses that were not clear during the call.


How do I apply to be an advisor?

Current and former Senior executives, entrepreneurs and professionals can apply to be advisors on Pengo by applying on the platform.

All advisor applications are vetted and reviewed by our team and assessed on their background, the demand for their expertise from our client base, and the value they bring to the network.

Be sure to review our Terms & Conditions for further information regarding our expectations of our advisors on the Pengo platform.

How do I promote my profile?

To optimize your listing for Pengo's internal search, as well as for major search engines like Google, make sure to do the following:

1. Include potential search terms in your title and description.

Think about how people search for expertise. Help with legal advise in Kenya could include words like legal, Law, Regulatory Affairs, Legislation, etc. Mention any companies or past clients that you've worked with. Include detailed descriptions of your accomplishments and expertise.

2. Set your own hourly rate.

The great thing about being an Advisor on Pengo, is that you can set your own hourly rate. Our advisors charge between $60 and $200 per hour for their time. Advisor time is set in $/min and set at a minimum of $1/min.

3. Complete each section of your listing and your Pengo profile.

Complete all of the fields available to manage your listing and profile. Be as descriptive as possible as to your accomplishments, background and expertise. High quality photos are extremely important.

4. Use social media and the Web.

Use social media to generate traffic to your Pengo Insight profile. We encourage our Advisors to be active on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, write articles and posts within their expert field and add links to their profiles for potential clients to schedule time with them.

How do I take a call request?

You can start receiving call requests from clients as soon as your Pengo Insight advisor application is approved and your profile is complete. When a client submits a call request with you, it's easy to schedule, reschedule, cancel or connect with the client. Here's how it's done:

You can accept a scheduled time.

It's great when a requested call from a client also works for you. Here's how you accept a requested time.

Go to your Calls> Click the call > Click "accept" beside any of the 3 suggested times

You can reschedule the call.

Sometimes, the clients request dates/times won't work for you. Not to worry, you can request different times with them and go back and forth until you reach one that works for both of you:

Go to your Calls > Click the call > Click "Reschedule" > Suggest 3 alternative times that work for you > Click "Submit" and "Send"

When will I get paid?

All Pengo Insight advisors are paid on a 15 day cycle via Paypal. We encourage all our advisors to register and sign up for Paypal accounts. If you do not have a PayPal account, feel free to get in touch to discuss payment alternatives in your region.