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Gaborone, Botswana

I have almost 50 years of professional experience including service at: the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Governments of India and Botswana. I provide expert consulting in the areas of Strategy, Technology Enabled Service Management, Technology Security, M & E , Training and Resource Mobilisation. I am a Mentor and Coach, and have been called "The Guru with a Golden Touch", because I have enabled many entrepreneurs to grow and reach incredible heights.

Areas of expertise
Strategy & Growth Consulting

I am able to assist with: • Strategy • Systems Integration; Concept to Commissioning and Operations • Mobilising International Assistance • Technology Writing and Presentations Previous Roles Include: - Strategy, M&E and ICT Domain Expert of Avasant PLC California teams: (2014 & 2016 to present) - Resident ICT and M&E Expert of Particip Gm BH Germany: (June 2014 –2016) - Advisor and Head Internal SecurityTata Consultancy Services –GISU India: (2009 to 2010) - Research Advisor Cyber Media India (2008 to 2009 & 2010 to 2011 - Director Maitlamo a Tswelelopele: (2007, 2012 to 2014) - In Government of Botswana Service, Ministry of Communications Science and Technology as the IT Strategy and HRM Advisor (2001 –2007) - Chief Executive Officer DOEACC India13(1999 –2000)Technology Advisor and Head Research and Development Labs CS GOI(1994 to 1999) - Director Infrastructure, DOE GOI(1992 to 1994) - Director Technology Laboratories, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) GOI (1987 to 1992) - Group Leader System Engineering Group, DOE GOI (1972 –1987)

Mentorship & Coaching

My extensive experience allows me to offer expert mentorship and coaching, to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. I have held many executive roles, across many industries, including government. This has provided me with the opportunity to meet and engage with lots of different people. I can help you achieve new heights and have been called “The guru with the golden touch”. As expert to AVASANT4PLC,(2014 & 2016 –2019), I have contributed to completing a number of projects, including: - Zanzibar Priority Industry Sector Identification - E Gov Strategy Malawi - ICT Expenditure Evaluation Rwanda - The Evaluation of Info Dev Projects funded by the Korean Trust Fund - From 2014 to 2016 I was the resident ICT and M&E expert for the EU funded Botswana PSDP5Program - In 2012, as the Commonwealth Expert, Ministry of Justice Cameroon, I guided an effort to raise resources for “Access to Justice for all in Cameroon –using ICT”

ICT Strategy and M&E Consulting

Core Competencies Include: • Project and Programme Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Strategies • Organising International Conferences and Workshops in the areas of ICT and Security. • Establishing and Managing ICT Infrastructure • Systems Integration; Concept to Commissioning and Operations • Analysis of Security Notable Assignments Include: 2014-2016 Botswana Project Title: Private Sector Development Programme, Botswana Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and System As Strategy, M&E and ICT Domain Expert of Avasant PLC California teams: (2014 & 2016 to present) • Study to identify the priority Investment Sectors in Zanzibar that will promote investment economic progress and Employment. (African Development Bank Project) • Development of the e Gov Strategy of Malawi, a component of the World Banks Digital Malawi Initiative. • Undertaking the Rwanda ICT Public Expenditure and Performance Review for the Ministry of Youth and ICT Government of Rwanda. (World Bank Project) • Independent Evaluation of ICT Projects executed by INFO DEV Division of -World Bank funded by a US $ 15 million grant from Korea, supporting the Avasant tram working at the INFO Dev Headquarters in Washington DC, USA. As Advisor and Head Internal Security Tata Consultancy Services – GISU India: (2009 to 2010) • Pilot TCS GISU’s successful entry to the Security Solutions Domain. Extensive Security audit of Tata and TCS facilities in India As Research Advisor Cyber Media India (2008 to 2009 & 2010 to 2011) • Lead the research and conduct the first “Africa Outsource Summit” (Conducted in collaboration with Commonwealth Business Council) in March 2009 in London. Including a preparation of a study comparing and grading the capabilities of 15 African Nations as ICT Outsource Destinations and present, debate and defend it with African ICT Ministers Government and Private Sector Experts, as well as present and potential buyers, users and managers of ICT Outsource facilities. • Tracking ICT and Security Developments in India and Africa Geography. • Contribution to International Telecommunications Union submission on the contribution of ICT towards the Progress of Least Developed Country (LDC’s), Botswana country paper, at the Decadal United Nations LCD conference. Turkey 2011. ( Individually as Director Maitlamo a Tswelelopele: (2007, 2012 to 2014) • Commonwealth Expert, Ministry of Justice Cameroon (MOJ), to finalise the project and raise resources from multiple International Donors for “Access to Justice for all in Cameroon – using ICT”. Followed by establishing a structure in MOJ, Cameroon to do this on a continuing basis without Commonwealth Assistance. (during most of 2012) • Guiding the desertification of a reputed private sector ICT industry into security agencies and non-government sectors. • Projects for the Tanzania E Government Strategy, Office of President and the Modernization Master Plan, Strategy and ICT Automation of the Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency, Ministry of Justice , Tanzania as well as the ICT Strategy for the Botswana Unified Revenue Services . 2001-2007 Ministry of Communications Science and Technology (MCST), Government of Botswana Assignment Name: Maitlamo; Development of the National ICT Policy, including a E government Strategy and Master Plan and Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Botswana and Notification after Approval by Parliament in 2007 Approx. value of the contract (in current US$ or Euro): USD 1.5 Million (2005 pula to Dollar exchange Rates) BOTSWANA Chief Executive Officer DOEACC India (1999 – 2000) • Academic, Management and Financial responsibility for all operations of DOEACC, the Indian National ICT Accreditation Body (An autonomous Society under the administrative Control of DOE, GOI) serving a few million students, in terms of Accreditation of ICT Training Intuitions, with internationally accepted syllabus, examinations and awarding Degrees and Diploma. • Established a fair and just human resource induction, promotion and development policy for this autonomous organisation. • Carried out a performance reform exercise of the nationwide operations of DOEACC. • Computerisation and ISO 9000 certification resulting in the turnover of the society increased four times in this tenure. This Oracle based DMBS included a monitoring and evaluation System for tracking the progress of all the 200,000 students in this scheme all over India, from anywhere in India or abroad, as well as the performance of the Institutions in the “Non-Formal” sector accredited for training these students. (one of the earliest internet-based systems in Government of India) • DOEACC examinations to be conducted in Sir Lanka and recognition of the DOEACC degrees and Diplomas in the Republic of Sri Lanka. In this task organised Indo Sri Lanka Meetings Conferences and finally participated in the SINTEC International Conference in Colombo in September 1999, where the cooperation agreement was signed and sealed. ( Technology Advisor and Head Research and Development Labs CS GOI (1994 to 1999) Key Tasks: - • Heading the R&D, Scientific Training and Technology Group supporting the security agencies under the Cabinet Secretariat. • Advising the Government on the Strategic and Security implications of technological developments and Examining policies submitted to the Cabinet from a technological angle. • Managing and participating in security audit and security briefings for all the Foreign Missions of the Government of India. • Expert on the Accreditation panel of DOEACC and promoting such Education in Troubled states of North India (Jammu and Kashmir) Achievements: • Established human resource induction, development and promotion policy to enhance the performance of the technical cadre of this organisation. • Modernisation and trouble-free execution of all the technological operations. • Policy analysis of Security implications of Technology adoption done in record time. Regular Security briefings and security audits in pace with demands. Director Infrastructure, DOE GOI (1992 to 1994) Key Tasks: - • Process the issuance of all Government executive orders by all concerned agencies in GOI so that all the benefits and promotional aspects of the 1984 Software Development Policies are passed on to the Industry. • Member Secretary of the Inter-Ministerial Group giving approval for Software Development companies to operate in India inside and outside STPI’s Achievements: • All required executive orders were issued in time. • All approvals for setting up Software Industry were streamlined and whatever possible was delegated to the Software Technology Parks in regions all over the country. Consequently, the Software Development and Export Industry grew several times. Director Technology Laboratories, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) GOI (1987 to 1992) Key Tasks: - • Responsible for Managerial, Financial and Technical guidance to the R&D, Scientific training, Communications and Technology Group of the MHA. And establishment of a Secure & Captive Communication for top Security agency of MHA. • Managing and participating in security audit and security briefings for most of the sensitive installations of the Government of India. • Member of the Governing Council of Software Technology Park of India (STPI) and Member of the Executive Boards as an outside expert in the area of communications, satellite data networks and communication security. Achievements: • Established a fair and just human resource induction, promotion, posting and development and training policy for the technical cadres of this large technical cadre. • Ensured the MHA Security headquarters in Delhi where in touch with locations throughout the country at all times even under conditions of strike, natural disaster etc. • Initiated and Managed till commissioning the Modernisation of the Indian Immigration control system using the ICT facilities and expertise of the Indian National Informatics Centre Government of India. • Contributed to promotion of software export efforts by strengthening the communication and computer infrastructure at all STPI parks. 1977-1982 Government of India, Ministry of Defense, Indian Navy Assignment Name: Turnkey Implementation from Concept to Commissioning of a Command and Control System for Antisubmarine Defense of an Indian Navy Frigate. (Three Systems)