Nicholas Goncalves

Operations & Strategy Consultant I MBA


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Cape Town, South Africa

I assist businesses and start-ups on the frontiers of technology, innovation and industry to envisage unconventional growth strategies and deliver value. I have 10 years of professional experience. My background is in Civil Engineering, where I established a track record of successfully leading multi-million-dollar Construction projects. I have an MBA and co-founded ClockInstant.

Areas of expertise
Operations & Strategy Consulting

My experience spans across various business verticals, including: - SaaS Products - EdTech & Coding - Vertical Farming - Blockchain Recent Professional Experience: Operations & Strategy Consultant Cogrammar/ Hyperiondev Jan 2020 – March 2020 Ceo, Co-Founder ClockInstant Jan 2019 - Present Operations & Strategy Consultant Independent Freelance Jan 2019 - Present Project Manager, Civil Engineer Nako Iliso April 2013 – May 2019