Moses Omoghena

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Lagos, Nigeria

I am a Journalist, Marketing & Communications, and Digital Marketing Strategist with 10 years of professional experience in the communications and marketing industry. I have strong experience in creative marketing communications and media. Other areas of expertise include: Strategy, Content Generation and Designing, and Corporate Advertising and Branding.

Areas of expertise
Marketing & Communications Consulting

MAJOR PROJECTS DESIGNED AND EXECUTED: 1: United Kingdom Education Advisory Services (UKEAS). Chief Marketing and Communications Strategist for the “UKEAS STUDY WORLD (GLOBAL) EXHIBITION”; NIGERIA AND GHANA. Project Duration: September 2018 — September 2019. 2: TECNO Mobile (Transsion Holdings). Chief Content and Digital Strategist for TECNO Mobile “CAMON CX and L9 PLUS” BRAND CAMPAIGNS; NIGERIA, KENYA, EGYPT, TOGO AND BENIN REPUBLIC. Project Duration: February 2017 — November 2017. 3: Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG). Media and Communications Consultant (volunteer); Digital and Broadcast Media for the NIGERIA ECONOMIC SUMMIT (NES) Abuja. Project Duration: October 2016 — November 2018. 4: Theonickie Marie Foods and Ventures. Content and Brand Consultant for Theonickie Foods Nigeria. Project Duration: January 2018 — July 2018. 5: The Initiative for Equal Rights (TIERS). Content and Broadcast Consultant for TIERS Nigeria. Project Duration: April 2016 — July 2016. 6: Nirvana Initiative (Sickle Cell Health NGO). Content and Brand Consultant (volunteer) for Nirvana Initiative Nigeria. Project Duration: December 2018 till present.