Paul Bengyella

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I am an Entrepreneur, Fund Manager, and Angel Investor with more than 13 years of professional experience. I have worked across multiple areas of focus with national and international organizations. I am the founder of Africa Business and Investment Summit. I help clients get finance, and structure their businesses with innovative solutions. I have trained and empowered more than 5000 youths.

Areas of expertise
Investment & Financial Consulting

Recent Professional Experience: January 2019 - Present Zixtech Corporation Corporate office: Delaware, USA, Head Office: Limbe, Cameroon Founder/CEO Investment and Business Advisory Aug 2016– Present Zixtech HUB, Sokolo Limbe ( Incubator / Accelerator / Business Development Centre Direcor / Trainer Dec 2016 – Present Leadership Development Association, Sokolo Limbe ( Association President Jan 2016 – Present Entrepreneurs Initiative, Sokolo Limbe ( Aug 2010 – Present Zixtech Organization, Sokolo Limbe ( Social Enterprise Executive Director/ Website Developer/ IT trainer January 2015 – Jan 2016 World Builders International Finland ( International Organization Website Designer/ Webmaster June 25 – December 2014 AMAIDI international ( Country Coordinator (Cameroon) Oct 2013- Jan 2016 King Black Organization ( IT Trainer / Consultant / Partner Oct 2010 – Dec 2015 Saint Jude’s Organization, Limbe ( Coordinator Sept 2011 – Oct 2011 ASWA RUDEP Buea IT/ Resource Person Jan 2010 – Dec 2012 Institute of Research and Agricultural Development (IRAD) Batoke Limbe IT Technician