Becoming an Advisor

At Pengo Insight, we've built a network of Advisors that provide our clients with specific expertise, providing compelling insight into a variety of industry related topics. Although, we tap into our existing Advisor network, we use the latest technology to source experts, on demand to help us match the right business question with the most relevant expertise.

Four easy steps:

  • Account

    Sign up as a user on Pengo with your personal details.

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    Complete all required fields in the advisor settings tab. Upload a resume or any relevant documentation that highlights your credentials. Decide how much you want to charge for your time.

    Please note that our advisors bill on a per minute basis in USD at a min of $1 per minute.

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    Listings are where you can showcase your areas of expertise and will display on your advisor profile as specific topics that clients can book calls with you for.

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    Once we have approved your application and your advisor profile is live on our platform, we encourage you to make use of your social networks to drive traffic to your profile on Pengo Insight by sharing and publishing content around your area of expertise.

What are the qualifications?

We recruit advisors with intimate knowledge and expertise on the African continent. We rigorously vet each advisor based on their specific expertise to ensure we curate and build a network that provides our clients with the fastest, most efficient route to answering their most pressing business questions. Once an Advisor joins our network, their profile will be made live and searchable by all approved clients and users. Our network includes current and former senior executives as well as uniquely talented changemakers who are transforming industries in corporate and entrepreneurial environments.

If you are interested in contributing to closing the knowledge gap in Africa by sharing your knowledge, please make sure to apply to be an Advisor.


Benefits of being an advisor

Make a contribution

Use your expertise to contribute to organizations and professionals making well informed business decisions on African markets.

Earn additional income

Earn extra income by sharing your knowledge. You have the freedom to set your own rate commensurate with their experience and expertise.

Personal fulfillment

Challenge yourself with new and exciting business questions to solve with our clients, applying your unique expert perspective.


Have the freedom to accept and decline projects based on your schedule and personal circumstances. Our workflow allows you to only confirm call bookings that meet your schedule.